Success Stories

July 8, 1996


Edsal Manufacturing appreciates the service and value that, yourself, your company, and your products provide to us. Over the past few years we have gone through several different chemical suppliers who were unable to consistently meet our requirements. Your product and service always meets and exceeds our demands in consistency, quality, service, and price competitiveness. Additionally, we appreciate the direct interaction you have with our operating and process groups. The application of your product to our system enables us to maximize the chemical’s value while minimizing our process costs, and when quality or process problems do occur you are their with ideas to correct them or take us to the next level.

Thank you for your service and for being part of the Edsal Team,

02 December, 1998


We want to thank you for the exceptional service you have provided us since we installed our new chemical cleaning system over a year ago. Your knowledge and assistance went a long way in helping us design a cleaning system that provides for a superior finish on our parts as well as cost effective use of Orchard chemicals.

You have continued to stay involved with us and provide hands on service rarely found from suppliers. You have truly become part of our supply chain.

As the opportunity arises we have and will continue to recommend Orchard Products, and know that those that use them will benefit.

Thank you for your continued service and support.

November 12, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

Orchard Products has supplied chemicals for the cleaning systems on our two (2) paint lines for about two and a half years. During that period we have experienced virtually no rejects as a result of cleaning and metal preparation. Basically, Orchard has redefined the word clean for our operations. What we considered to be good with previous suppliers would be unacceptable today.

Bessie does an excellent job of servicing our needs both in terms of product delivery and technical assistance. Her trouble shooting knowledge combined with excellent responsiveness puts Orchard close to the top of our suppliers.

I not only recommend Orchard products as a supplier; I would encourage any company that has ultra clean product requirements to give them a try.

November 9, 1998

To whom it may concern,

For the past three and a half years, we have been using Orchard Products a pretreatment in our powder coating operation. We have found that these chemicals have provided us with superior cleaning and overall high quality surface preparation. This enables us to provide our customers with zero rejects due to cleaning and metal preparation. Orchard Products is very reliable and cost-effective.

The technical service supplied by Orchard Products has proven a valuable assistance to us. They have been able to provide us with quick, effective troubleshooting, and interaction with production personnel has shown the depth of their experience in the industry. We consider Orchard Products as a valuable supplier.

Please consider this reference letter as an introduction for other companies to consider using Orchard Products as a supplier for all their chemical needs.

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